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We are the Evolution of Our Species. We are the Ones we have been waiting for. Are you ready to take responsibility and claim your power? Are you ready to create Heaven on Earth?


Devan has developed Soundings to serve as a catalyst for the full and completely conscious embodiment of your unique ORIGINality ~ your Soul's Original Blueprint. Using hands- on techniques with her multi-dimensional senses, Devan channels energy and information that empowers each person to discover the Master and Healer who dwell within each of us . By communicating with your ORIGINality and following its lead, she seeks to facilitate the release of old dysfunctional patterns to make room for the embodiment of the multi-dimensional Self. By changing contracts that no longer serve in this lifetime, Devan can help you gain conscious knowledge of why you came here at this unprecedented time. Her intent is to be a catalyst in remembering who you are. She urges you to be (W) holy present in your body to embrace the fullness of your magnificent being. Soundings can be an opening to the next step in the Evolution of Our Species.

And now some new languaging that Devan has been asked to use by the humpback whales and other Masters. As you read these words do not allow your imagination to be confined by them. They have only been placed here as candy for the inner yearnings of the Soul— to begin to paint a picture of the infinite possibilities inherent in the embodiment of your ORIGINality . Soundings go well beyond the confines of words and the mind. That is where the sequenced music, sound, sacred tools and hands-on energy work are used . They help you get out of your head and into your body and beyond. (Read more about this in Musical Meditations.)

What is meant by ORIGINality?
Picture and imagine this…. You are an aspect of a holographic Whole that remembers itSelf as being an individuated part of Source. (Fill in God/Goddess, Great Spirit, All That Is or any other word that is comfortable for you. They all fit. Relish in the concept, not the word.) This holographic Whole has a unique signature or, you could say, personality. This holographic Whole also has conscious awareness of all aspects of itself inter-dimensionally (including you)—whether these aspects are in time or space or in the etheric. Each aspect of itself (including you) has a unique vibration that expresses throughout itself in each dimension. Because it is holographic in nature, it actually is you and you are it. This holographic Whole is your ORIGINality —the Soul's Original Blueprint. It is possible to fully access and embody your ORIGINality by allowing yourself at a cellular/molecular level to remember that you ARE that ORIGINality with its unique Soul Signature. When you access and embody your Originality you become more aware of the “bigger picture” and more capable of gracefully realizing your Divine Purpose in body. It is your birthright and your evolutionary path as human on Mother Earth at this time to embody your ORIGINality. ORIGINality is your authentic Self. It is consciously being and feeling Whole or (W)holy again.

In this context the term Higher Self is no longer used because it connotes something that lives outside of the self—something not attainable while in human body. Some guide that is not really you. That is why the word ORIGINality is used. We were meant to fully and consciously embody the ORIGINality in a grounded way. It is not a matter of “ascending” or leaving this beautiful planet to create a better world elsewhere. It is a matter of being ORIGINality and having the choice to be here with Mother Earth co-creating Heaven on Earth. It is a matter of letting go of all aspects of victimization and laying claim to your sovereignty. It is a matter of making the choice to be your ORIGINality in this world right now.

“Accessing ORIGINality is transformative. Embodying ORIGINality is transfiguration.” ~ Devan

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What is the Celestialization?
This is an unprecedented time in human history. The entire human species and Mother Earth now have the opportunity to know themselves as ORIGINality in multi-dimensional beingness. That's right . Mother Earth is also in the process of embodying her ORIGINality . Together we are taking part in the Celestialization —the joint embodiment of multi-dimensional enlightenment for the planet and her children. Because She is choosing now to consciously move forward in her own evolution, we have the magnificent opportunity to expand and co-create together. And since ORIGINality actually is part of us, we are simply remembering ourselves as Whole (or holy). It is a most wonderful and advanced opportunity for us as sparks of Source to bring expansion and light to density. This really is the Club Med of the Universe. Only we have forgotten who we truly are. We have bought into the games we have been playing for millions of years. We have allowed ourselves to believe that limitation and lack are what being human really means. We've played the game so well, we've forgotten it was a game. But now as we awaken from our slumber into our true birthright, we become aware of the innate power in our own sovereignty and multi-dimensionality. It is time to wipe the sleep out of our eyes and see the great dignity there is in being human and in love with ourselves . It is a glorious time to be fully present and alive on Mother Earth now.

So the next step in the evolution of the human species is to embody ORIGINality . Being your authentic self allows others to do the same. As you become Whole you open the space for all of humanity to embrace their Wholeness (Holiness). From this standpoint we begin to realize ourselves as community ~ One World/One People ~ and we can then go about the business of creating Heaven on Earth.

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The Creation of Soundings ~ WhaleStyle
It's easy in hindsight to put together the synchronicities that are the evolving creation of Soundings. Devan had begun her journey beyond just seeing energy and communicating inter-dimensionally with everything from faeries to trees, to animals and everything in between that had news of the Celestialization. Through various teachers she learned of the power of the intent and the quantum physics of energy. All that she had been seeing and experiencing through the years was being proven by science. Her studies in Reiki and Shamanic Practices opened the door to ways of helping humanity realize the expanded possibilities that had lain dormant in our species for millennia. She was constantly being downloaded with information concerning where the human race and Mother Earth herself were headed. The Shift, Ascension, the Second Coming, Christ Consciousness, whatever words one chose to use, it was happening. Our species was turning into light. Our vibrations were being quickened. We were beginning to know ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. But as she progressed through years of working with people as a hands-on practitioner combining her energy readings of the body with the energy work itself, there always seemed to be something missing. An element that was there in the periphery waiting for her to birth it into existence.

One day a young woman came to make an appointment. Devan knew through talking with her that there was no way through the usual channels to open the door that had been bolted shut to this wounded woman's emotional body. Her heart and feelings had been locked up tighter than a drum and she had thrown away the key. She no longer wanted to be hurt. So she just decided that she would never feel anything again.

So as Devan pondered the session scheduled for the next week, she asked for help from all the Masters. Lo and behold, she began hearing the sound of ocean waves and who should come to her aid, but the Humpback Whales. She had been in communication with the whales since the early seventies and they had become great teachers and friends to her. She felt the rocking and nudging of their huge bodies and the shifting as if in water that always precipitated their arrival. Their beautiful WhaleSong then turned into “words” that were understandable to her human ears. Or were they just transferring the information directly to the brain centers of cognizance? Who know? As they say, “Don't get stuck on the small details. See the bigger picture.” Their laughter could be heard as they asked, “How do you heal yourself? What have you always done since you were a little girl to heal yourself? How do you go deep into your center to honestly look at what's there? How do you move what no longer serves?” And then they began to sing anew.

That was the answer! Music, sound, rhythm, vibration, movement ~ these had all been keys to Devan finding her own Wholeness through all the years of her life. It had been in front of her all along! Sometimes she would listen to the same song over and over for hours, days, weeks at a time until some thing finally moved or was transmuted. Her poor family went nuts sometimes with the repetition, the volume and intensity of the song. Even with no one to facilitate, the blocks would eventually be released and the void would be filled with a lightness of being.

The gentle nudge and laughter of the Humpbacks helped Devan to realize that this music/sound vibration could help other people, too, especially coupled with the powerful energy running through her and the expanded readings coming through outpicturing the experience. The Light Bulb came on and, thus, Soundings were born. The Humpbacks explained that following her own knowing Devan could create Musical Meditations by editing readily available music and sounds to help others realize their potential. Most of all, she could facilitate the clearing of the emotional body in order for it to, once again, be a pure feeling body unfettered by past wounds. This is what allows humans to be able to discern what actually resonates with them and transmute anything else. As Archangel Gabriel says, “The fact that you feel is your greatest asset.” So trusting herself to step out of the box, she would create a cutting-edge healing modality named Soundings by the whales, that could help humanity to evolve into the Masters they were meant to be.

“Go deep!” the whales say. “Go deep and be in joy!”

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